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In a world where technology automates our lives, we automate your investments.

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is your most valuable asset. And we’re here to protect yours, by automatically investing for you.


is what keeps you moving forward, let us help you maximize yours. We’ll manage and notify you about everything regarding your portfolio.

Trial & Error

is how we’ve crossed the markets chasm. Minimizing loses and maximizing profits is our sole purpose when dealing with funds.

Investing vs Saving

This chart represents the buying power of the United States Dollar and the difference between Investing & Saving. Each tick represents a decade (10 Years) and is in confluence with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Investing protects against inflation

Investing generates income

Investment can provide financial security

How we do it

We compile your Risk Tolerance, Fund Period, & Investment Portfolio and leverage it in various markets such as Real Estate, Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrencies, and even Private Equities. As a result our systematic pipeline will divert investments into an appropriate fund which has a high probability for capital gain.

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Once verified you can select your fund, risk tolerance, and term duration. 



Make your first investment and track the progress of your returns via your portal.

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“Mcubed has made investing simple & enjoyable. They have automated my investments allowing me to have control of my finances & more time to do the things I love…”

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“When I first started my journey with them I was a bit skeptical, i learned early on they were serious about their relationship they had with me. They not only answered my concerns but have been consistently growing my investment.”

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